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The modular racking of choice for companies where hygiene really matters!

Tiger Rackô shelving and storage systems are easy-to-assemble modular racks made from hygienic refined polypropylene. This makes Tiger Rackô ideal for a wide range of environments and applications where hygiene is an important consideration.

Other features combine to make this one of the most versatile racking and shelving systems you can buy. Tiger Rackô is easy to assemble and install, with impressive strength and stability when erected. You can create whatever configuration of racking you want, thanks to the ease with which you can add new or re-locate existing units.

ē About Tiger Rackô
How a service-led Lancashire company has built a reputation for providing hygienic, flexible and durable shelving systems for customers in many sectors.

ē Tiger Rackô Products
Modular shelving products that combine strength and stability with unique hygienic properties to create valuable storage space or attractive displays as and where you need them.

ē Tiger Rackô Applications
World-class racking and storage where the emphasis is on hygiene for applications in the commercial and industrial, medical and scientific fields.

ē Tiger Rackô Installation
Flat-pack delivery with full instructions provided for quick and easy self-assembly. No training or skills are needed to create the space-saving racking of choice for growing numbers of UK companies.

To find out more about Tiger Rackô modular racking and shelving systems, contact our Customer Service Team today.

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